Ok, that’s enough talking about myself in the third person.


Hi, I’m Aylam, I’ve lived in Providence RI my entire life. I was raised by my awesome parents, Hanaan and Johanne.

Instead of going to school, my mom, Johanne homeschooled me. There were upsides and downsides to this.

A positive side of homeschooling was that my family had the ability to travel during the school year. By the time I was 8 I had been to Greece, Israel, and Denmark. Visiting these countries at a young age stoked my curiosity about foreign places, and my love for travel.

Another benefit of my unconventional schooling was the ability to devote more of my free time to the things that interested me. Between the ages of 11 and 13, most of this time was taken up playing the Pokemon trading card game.

I would spend hours looking through all my cards, trying to find new combinations of them to make decks out of. All of this payed off when in 2008 I won the national championships. There’s no doubt that that was the peak of my life, and the rest has been downhill from there.

At age 13 I quit playing Pokemon. Around the same time is also when I got my first camera.

After that I devoted most of my time to reading material about photography on the internet, and taking photographs. Since then I’ve photographed a wide variety of different subjects. Over time my focus as a photographer has shifted from wildlife, to street, to portraiture as my priorities changed.

After growing discontented with life in Providence, I decided to set out on a journey  to Israel. On September 6th I flew to Tel Aviv, and have since been traveling around the country.

For the past year I have been interested in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Being here has given me a wonderful opportunity to photograph it, and to experience it firsthand.  I will be in Israel for another 6-8 months, and will continue to cover the conflict as long as I’m here.