Deciphering Israel And Palestine As An American Jew

Yesterday, I visited the West Bank for the first time. I went with a group of Israeli activists called the “Reacha Kamocha” who regularly go into the West Bank to interview locals, meet with the [...]

By | September 22nd, 2016|2 Comments

The White City That Never Sleeps

After only a week here, I am already enthralled by Tel Aviv. The city has a certain pulse to it that you feel simply by walking down the street. The wide variety of people coming [...]

By | September 15th, 2016|14 Comments

Adventures, Photography, And Hummus

I got my first camera at age 13. My family was about to embark on a vacation to Israel, and my parents wanted me to have a camera for it. They bought me a Nikon [...]

By | August 27th, 2016|11 Comments